We help you see around corners.

You get a partner who’s part of your team, who’s got your back, helping you at every turn to plan and execute your DevOps transformation.

Your mentors and guides are recruited exclusively from the world’s top tech companies to get you the best advice there is.

Robert Duffy

Robert Duffy

CEO & Co-Founder

Amazon, Time Inc, EMC Consulting

Eric Schoonover

Eric Schoonover

CTO & Co-Founder

USDS, Netflix, Microsoft, YCombinator

When you work with us you’ll meet lots of people but it’s our core team that makes the magic happen.

Mike Utskot
Director of User Experience

Cristin Williamson
Principal Program Manager

Yuri Nakashima
Software Engineer

Micah Algard
Web Developer

Elizabeth Loori
Markering & Events Manager

Office Admin


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