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How to Future-Proof Your Software Engineering Team

Mar 28, 2018

Tammy Perkins, Chief People Officer of Fjuri, offers advice on planning for the inevitability of change as you scale your workforce.

In the desperate rush to fill holes in your rapidly expanding engineering team, it’s natural to think only of your current pain points: Who can I find with the skill set necessary to do the things I need to do now? But if you can resist that temptation to focus on the here and now when scaling out your team, you’ll be better positioned to adapt to unforeseen needs down the line.

In this week’s episode of the Ship It Show, Tammy Perkins, Chief People Officer at Fjuri, explains what skills and attributes to look for in candidates as you expand your engineering team. And her advice goes well beyond future-proofing the organization to include things like searching for a diverse collection of voices and empowering those people once you’ve brought them onboard.

“Sometimes a fear of failure prevents people from being successful,” Perkins says. So fostering a culture in which team members feel safe giving feedback and making decisions will encourage them to take chances, fail fast, and make bigger contributions in the long run.

What may be most important, though, is recognizing in your candidates a willingness to learn and adapt as the organization evolves. Because, as Perkins points out, the only constant in tech is change. “Think about people who are resourceful enough” to scale with the company, she says. “What got you here today won’t get you there in the future.”

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